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  • Your reliable tyre shipping with GLS 

    Would you like to ship tyres or complete wheels commercially? Then choose GLS and enjoy our reliable and flexible collection service. We will collect your tyres - either within the agreed collection times or after registration via our shipping system for business customers.

    Please note the following packing instructions for tyre shipping

    We want your shipment to arrive safely and undamaged. The right packaging is important for this. Our packaging instructions help to protect your tyres or complete wheels from transport damage in the best possible way.

    ✓  Pack your tyres in a sturdy cardboard box or foil - this way they are optimally protected from damage during transport.

    ✓ Attach the parcel label firmly to the outer packaging. This way your shipment can be easily identified at any time and delivered as quickly as possible.

    ✓ The following maximum dimensions must not be exceeded:

    • Height 60 cm | Width 80 cm | Length 200 cm
    • Girth 300 cm
    • Weight 40 kg, for express international 50 kg

    ✓ Tyres with rims must always be completely packed in one cardboard box - please maximum one tyre on rim per cardboard box

    Girth max. 300 cm = Reifen_mit_Felgen_Infoskizze.jpeg
    2 x height + 2 x width + longest side

    ✓ You can send car tyres without rims individually or in bundles of two. Please note the maximum weight of 40 kilograms (for Express international: 50 kilograms):
    Girth max. 300 cm =             

    3 x outer-⌀ + 2 x tyre width

    3 x outer-⌀ + 4 x tyre width
    Belt dimension calculation based on tyre data - example tyre size 245/40 R 18
    245 x 40 / 500 + 18 x 2.54
     = 65,32 cm

    Tyre width:
    245 / 10
     = 24,50 cm

    --> Girth of a tyre:
    3 x 65.32 + 2 x 24.5
     = 244,96 cm

    --> Girth dimension of bundle of 2:
    3 x 65.32 + 4 x 24.5
     = 293,96 cm

    ✓ If you bundle motorbike or bicycle tyres, the height of the consignment must not exceed the diameter of a tyre.

    Girth max. 300 cm =  Motorradreifen_mit_Felgen_Infoskizze.jpeg 
    3 x outer-⌀ + height of the bundle

    Important note regarding tyre season times 

    During the tyre season periods from 1 March to 31 May and from 09 September to 13 December , the surcharge "Seasonal tyres" is calculated according to the price list. The volume of tyres is particularly high and fluctuates greatly during the seasonal periods. In order to nevertheless ensure smooth transport, corresponding loading and handling capacities are kept available. This is associated with increased expenditure. You find more information about the topic "seasonal tyres" here.

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