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  • Simple, fast and always available - so you have more time for your core business

    With our customer portal, you always have all the information you need centrally at your fingertips. Would you like to see how long your parcels have been in circulation, when the next collection is scheduled or the status of a consignment? It's all just a few clicks away.

    And the best thing? We are constantly evolving. Together with our customers.

    Everything that is important to you - in one portal

    2 Frauen im Lager schauen sich das GLS Kundenportal Dashboard am Laptop an und sind zufrieden


    Mix & Match: Customize your start page

    Frau steht mit Tablet im Lager und schaut sich den GLS Versandmonitor an

    Shipping monitor

    Always keep an eye on where your parcels are currently located

    Eine Frau und ein Mann sitzen mit guter Laune im Meetingraum und besprechen die aktuellen GLS Paketstatistiken

    Parcel statistics

    Overview of transit times & services

    Eine Frau hat am Laptop gerade Paketabholungen angewiesen und lächelt in die Kamera


    Plan collections and special quantities


    On the dashboard you will find at least one widget per feature.
    You can design the page yourself with just a few clicks and have exactly what is important to you on the start page - completely customized.

    Shipping monitor

    Never have to search for individual parcels again - here you have a precise overview of your currently dispatched parcels.
    Are you looking for a specific parcel? No problem, the parcel search shows you exactly where it is currently located. So you can help your recipients quickly.

    Parcel statistics

    Which transit times have you experienced in recent months? Which countries have you shipped to and which services have you used?
    Here you have full transparency - with an export function, of course.


    Know exactly when the next collection is planned.
    You can choose whether you only want to see certain dispatch centres or just one.

    On holiday? Simply cancel the collections in the portal and help protect the environment by avoiding empty runs.

    Björn Bluschke, Fliesen Alfers GmbH
    „The new customer portal is an absolute game changer for us. All information is centralised, easy to get an overview of and has an appealing and contemporary design. Whether it's shipment tracking, shipment troubleshooting or similar - it's an indispensable tool for us as a shipper, and you won't find anything like it on a competitor level.“

    Björn Bluschke, Fliesen Alfers GmbH

    Do you want to get started right away?
    No Problem

    Curious? Then register now with your web portal details or request a quote for your parcel shipping with GLS.
    Eine Unternehmerin mit lockigem Haar labelt ein Paket, dass sie mit GLS verschicken möchte.

    I am already a business customer

    You received your web portal login details by e-mail immediately after concluding the contract. You can also use these to log in to the new customer portal.

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    I am not yet a business customer

    Then get a quote now and start enjoying the many benefits of our customer portal soon!

    Take your chance and benefit from many advantages and become GLS business customer

    Regardless of whether you are a large shipper with several thousand parcels per year or a frequent shipper with 250 annual parcels or more - GLS has the right solution for every business customer! If your shipping volume is less than 250 parcels per year, you can use our private shipping solutions and frank your parcels directly online.

    In order to prepare an offer tailored to your needs, we need some information from you. Therefore, please fill out the following form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a GLS business customer soon!

    Flexible returns solutions
    Short standard delivery times: within 24 hours
    Satisfied consignees through a wide range of delivery options

    Find the right solution for your business with GLS

    What is the customer portal?

    The customer portal is aimed at our business customers. Here we offer you numerous functionalities relating to the parcel business with GLS, as well as many self-services to make processing as easy as possible for you. We are constantly developing the portal and welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement so that we can continue to provide you with features that make your day-to-day work easier.

    What advantages does the customer portal offer me?

    View parcel statistics, keep track of parcels, report damage or manage collections - the new customer portal offers numerous self-services to make your day-to-day work with GLS easier. Simple, fast and in just a few steps.

    Is the customer portal free of charge?

    Yes, the customer portal is available to all our business customers free of charge.

    How do I get access to the customer portal?

    You will receive the web portal access data after signing the contract. These will enable you to access the new portal.

    What access data can I use to log in to the customer portal?

    You will receive the initial access data by e-mail after concluding the contract with GLS.

    I have forgotten my password / access data or I no longer have the welcome e-mail with the access data. What can I do?

    Don't worry! You can easily have a new password sent to you. Just get in touch with your GLS contact person, who will be happy to help you in an uncomplicated manner.

    Can I control the collection of my parcels via the customer portal?

    Yes, in the customer portal you can view pending and past collections, plan new ones and cancel collections that you do not need. You can also register special quantities to ensure that all parcels can be collected even when parcel volumes are higher than usual.

    What is the difference between YourGLS and the customer portal?

    YourGLS is our shipper portal for smaller shippers. Operational topics such as label creation, address management and daily closing can be processed here, while the customer portal covers topics such as claims processing, collection management and parcel monitoring. Both portals are gradually being interlinked to make it easier for you to navigate.