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  • Your electrical shop & our ParcelShop: a win-win situation!

    Increasing competition from large retail chains and booming online retailing today often make it difficult for small businesses to maintain their stationary sales. With a GLS ParcelShop, you can gain a clear competitive advantage while offering your customers excellent service.

    So why not turn the tables and bring the increasing number of online shoppers back into your shop? Tap into new buyer groups and now offer your regular customers one more reason to stay with you!

    New customers and more sales with your new ParcelShop

    As a competent point of contact for advice, satisfied customers are crucial for the purchase of your products - a GLS ParcelShop in your electrical shop can help you achieve this!

    Not only does it offer the advantage of fast and easy shipping, it also serves as an additional source of revenue for your business. With rising rental costs and shrinking profits, every extra can make a difference.

    Your customers will benefit from a conveniently located ParcelShop in your shop: With ample parking and easy accessibility, they can pick up and send their parcels from you easily and quickly. This not only increases the satisfaction of your clientele, but also your reputation as a reliable partner with professional competence.

    Strengthen the bond to your location now with your new ParcelShop and tap into new, attractive buyer groups!

    Increase the volume of customers in your shop

    No risk

    Increase your profit through additional revenue 

    Would you like to make more profit
    for your business? Get in touch now.

    Expand your electrical shop with a ParcelShop and the following additional solutions

    Computer and navigation

    Send computers and navigation devices inexpensively and insured as a GLS ParcelShop partner.

    Household appliances

    As a ParcelShop partner, you can send household appliances quickly and up to 40kg with GLS.

    Audio- & Car-HiFi

    With GLS you can send your audio and HIFI quickly, cheaply and insured.

    Cables and accessories

    You can send cables and accessories to your customers quickly and inexpensively as a ParcelShop partner.



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