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  • Energy surcharge: updated monthly, shown separately

    We calculate a percentage surcharge in order to incorporate current fluctuations in energy prices (diesel, electricity and gas) into our transport costs in a fair and transparent manner. We base this on the diesel motorist price index and the producer prices for commercial natural gas and special contract customer electricity, which are published monthly by the Federal Statistical Office.

    After the respective index publication, we determine the current percentage and use it for newly created invoices from this point on. This item is shown separately as "Energy".

    The currently valid percentage is 22.00%.

    This is the average composition of our energy mix at present:

    Grafische Darstellung GLS Energiemix
    An overview of the energy surcharge over the last few months

    Valid for invoices as of... Surcharge (%)
    12.07.2024 22.00
    14.06.2024 22.50
    15.05.2024 23.50
    12.04.2024 23.50
    12.03.2024 24.00
    12.02.2024 23.00
    17.01.2024 24.00
    08.12.2023 25.00
    08.11.2023 26.50
    11.10.2023 26.50
    08.09.2023 25.00
    09.08.2023 22.50
    11.07.2023 21.00

    GLS reserves the right to change the reference value of the 'Energy' without prior notice and to decide on the amount and duration of the surcharge.

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