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  • Parcel-related or permanent drop-off permission – Receive parcels contactless now

    You cannot receive your long-awaited parcel in person? Then use the drop-off permission. By issuing a drop-off permission, GLS deposits your parcels at an agreed location - for example in the garage or on the terrace.

    Are you expecting a parcel and would like to issue a one-time drop-off permission?

    Then simply enter the parcel number and select the option "Change delivery option".

    One time drop-off permission – your advantages

    Receive parcels even when you are not at home.

    You determine where the parcel should be dropped off.

    The one time drop-off permission reduces the risk of infections. Climate-friendly delivery by saving additional trips – your contribution to CO2-reduction!

    Never miss a parcel again? Then issue a permanent drop-off permission!

    Would you like GLS to always leave your parcels at a location of your choice in future? Simply log in to your personal account or register and grant us a permanent drop-off permission.

    Log in/ Register 1
    Give permission 2
    Let parcels be dropped off 3


    Permanent drop-off permission – your advantages

    Receive parcels even if you are not at home. 

    Change the preferred location for dropping off parcels at any time. 

    Revoke the permanent drop-off permission at any time. Climate-friendly delivery by saving additional trips – your contribution to CO2-reduction!

    ⓘ Small hint:
    After you have logged in, you will find the permanent drop-off permission under the menu item "My account".


    Can I also arrange a drop-off permission for all parcels addressed to me?

    You can issue a drop-off permission once for a specific parcel or until revoked for all parcels addressed to you. 

    How can I revoke a drop-off permission?

    If you have granted us a permanent drop-off permit via your account, you can also revoke this there at any time. To do this, simply log into your personal account and revoke the permanent drop-off permission stored in the "My Account" area

    How does contactless delivery work?

    For us, the protection of our customers and employees has highest priority.

    Your parcels should continue to be delivered safely without direct contact. With contactless delivery, the deliverer or driver rings your doorbell as usual and waits until you are ready to receive the parcel. With contactless delivery, the carrier types the name of the recipient into the hand-held scanner and signs his or her name when handing over the parcel. This way, you have no contact with the hand scanner and still receive your parcel safely and contactlessly.


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