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  • Sustainable Packaging: Reusable Shipping Packaging Instead of Single-use Boxes - Choose the Sustainable Shipping Option!

    An environmentally conscious decision for the future

    In today’s world, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our environment and promoting sustainable practices, such as sustainable packaging. Especially in the logistics sector, we often face the challenge of dealing with a significant amount of packaging waste.

    For this reason, we have decided to take advantage of new market opportunities to make a significant contribution to reducing packaging waste. The solution is reusable, environmentally friendly packaging. This approach will help to reduce packaging waste and significantly enhance the eco-friendliness of sending packages. Learn how GLS Packages, together with their partners, is making parcel shipping more sustainable!

    Mehrwegverpackungen von Boomerang und heycircle gemeinsam auf dem Beförderungsband
    Sustainable Packaging: The Eco Packaging Alternative - Reusable Transport Packaging

    Our new reusable shipping option is a step towards environmental protection. By using this eco-friendly packaging option, we provide our customers and recipients with a shipping alternative that not only reduces packaging but is also efficient and significantly cuts down on the amount of waste.

    You are interested and would like to learn more about reusable packaging?

    Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and receive more information about our solution for sustainable packaging.

    The advantages of reusable packaging

    The benefits of reusable packaging are impressive and versatile. This packaging can be reused up to 50 times, reducing packaging waste by up to 80% compared to traditional single-use cartons. There is a suitable, water- and dirt-repellent packaging solution for every type of shipment, whether it's flexible shipping bags for unbreakable goods or robust boxes for more fragile products.
    Thanks to a simple deposit system, the packaging always remains in the shipping cycle. There are also various ways to obtain the reusable packaging - whether by purchasing, leasing or paying per dispatch.

    Our Partners for a Strong Future in Environmentally Friendly Shipping!

    We are proud to collaborate with two outstanding partners who help us offer this innovative solution: Hey Circle and Boomerang. Both companies provide us with top-notch alternatives suitable for every shipper and are leaders in environmentally friendly shipping.

    Logo heycircle

    hey circles mission

    hey circle is revolutionising e-commerce and intralogistics with its reusable shipping solution: the recyclable boxes and bags are lightweight, robust, foldable, patented and save up to 94% waste and 76% CO2 emissions (calculated by Ökopol) compared to disposable cardboard boxes. 5 boxes from XS to XL and 3 bags currently cover 100% of the market. The Plug'n Play IT solution easily integrates reusable packaging into the shop, offers CO2 tracking and a reverse logistics database.

    Boomerang Logo

    Boomerangs promise

    Boomerang is a full-service provider of reusable shipping packaging made from used plastic. Instead of conventional disposable boxes and bags, the company uses an innovative solution with efficient logistics and an intelligent reusable deposit system. Boomerang packs and boxes can be reused up to 50 times, saving enormous amounts of packaging waste.

    Questions and Answers About Sustainable Packaging

    What are reusable transport packaging and what benefits do they offer?

    Reusable transport packaging are robust packaging solutions made from materials like plastic, metal, or textiles that can be used multiple times to safely transport products. These packaging options offer the benefit of sustainability, as they significantly reduce the amount of packaging waste and CO2 emissions. Business customers of GLS Packages benefit from economic advantages through partnerships with companies like Hey Circle and Boomerang, which specialize in providing and managing sustainable packaging. These collaborations enable more efficient logistics processes and enhance the eco-friendly image of the involved companies.

    How does the system of reusable shipping boxes work, and for what types of products are they suitable?

    The circular model of reusable shipping boxes involves the boxes being sent back, cleaned, and reused instead of being disposed of after emptying. An effective deposit system makes this process attractive for companies that regularly ship products. By repeatedly using the boxes, these companies can not only reduce their operating costs but also actively contribute to environmental protection.

    How do reusable shipping bags differ from conventional shipping methods?

    Reusable shipping bags are made from durable materials that allow the bags to be used over many shipping cycles. Unlike conventional single-use packaging, such as thin plastic bags or paper envelopes, reusable shipping bags offer a sturdier alternative to single-use packaging, enhancing the safety of transported goods and reducing environmental impact. These bags are often equipped with special closures that enable reuse. For companies, this means not only ecological benefits but also cost savings, as new packaging needs to be purchased less frequently.

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