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  • Redirect parcel with our delivery options

    As soon as you have received your parcel number or track ID, you can use our parcel tracking. Here you can immediately see if you have options for parcel redirection and when the expected delivery date of the parcel is.

    If you realize that you cannot personally accept the parcel on the expected date and delivery options are available for you, then you can easily reroute your parcel. This service is of course free of charge for you and offers you maximum flexibility and control.

    It's that easy: Redirect and pick up the parcel in 3 steps

    1. Enter your parcel number or track ID in the parcel tracking. Here you can see at a glance when the expected delivery date is and if you have delivery options.
    2. If the button "Change delivery options now" is displayed for your parcel number in the parcel tracking, then you can select your delivery options after clicking on the button.
    3. Select a flexible delivery option and let us redirect the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop or a GLS Depot near you, for example. We will store your parcel for up to 8 working days at the ParcelShop and at the GLS Depot before returning it to the sender.

    You are rarely at home on working days? The solution: Redirect parcel!

    The delivery options at a glance:

    A man sits at his desk and looks at the GLS parcel receiving ptions on the GLS website on his iMac

    Drop-off permission

    You cannot accept your parcel personally, but still want to open it as soon as you get home? Then use our drop-off permission and let us know where we can leave the parcel for you. You can use the tracking and tracing function to specify whether you want us to leave the parcel on your patio or in your garden, for example. You can find out more about these two options on our topic page "Drop-off permission".

    Learn more directly

    Notification card

    If we were unable to successfully deliver your parcel, we will leave you a notification card. On the card you will find all the information about where your parcel is at a glance. In addition, the track ID of your parcel is also indicated, which you can use to check the parcel status via the parcel tracking.
    You have not received a card? Then check your email inbox to see if you have received our digital card.

    To parcel tracking
    GLS parcel service notification card in case of unsuccessful delivery attempt
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    Parcel notification by e-mail

    The parcel notification has arrived in your email inbox? Then you can easily find all the available delivery options in this e-mail with which you can redirect your parcel.

    Didn't receive an email? Here to the parcel tracking

    Redirect parcel to the GLS ParcelShop

    Redirect your parcel to a GLS ParcelShop near you. Your ParcelShop will gladly accept the parcel and store it for you for up to 8 working days. This gives you the flexibility to decide when you want to collect your parcel from us. All you have to do is show your ID card. Alternatively, you can also issue an authorisation for parcel pickup.

    By the way: If you pick up your parcel at a parcel shop, you are helping to protect the environment. By doing so, we reduce unnecessary delivery trips and thus avoid greenhouse gas emissions along the transport route.

    To the ParcelShop redirection in the parcel tracking
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    Redirect parcel to GLS depot

    Pick up parcel at GLS depot

    Is a GLS Depot more convenient for you than a GLS ParcelShop?Then you can of course redirect your parcel there and pick it up conveniently. Also here we will store it for you for 8 working days. To do this, you only need to show your ID card, just as you do when picking up your parcel at a ParcelShop. Alternatively, you can also issue an authorisation for parcel pickup.

    To the depot redirection in the parcel tracking


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