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  • Shipping car parts with GLS: Responsibly creating a better world of mobility

    The automotive industry develops pioneering technologies and services for the sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Changing customer behaviour, stricter emission guidelines and socio-political challenges are enough, the shipping of your tyres and should not be an additional burden. We have been supporting our automotive partners for over 30 years with a secure, intelligent and sustainable solution for your delivery and returns processes. With our high level of innovation, we succeed time and again in creating something fundamentally new with and for our clients. This is reflected in our wide range of shipping options. Simply select the service that suits you or contact us directly for a customised automotive shipping solution.

    Automotive – one industry, many supplier parts, one solution: GLS

    Woman standing in a warehouse looking for the right electrical part


    Shipping car electronics safely and reliably – innovative shipping solutions for your business model.

    A large storage room with many tyres stacked in a warehouset


    You want to ship tyres quickly and easily? We are the right shipping partner for your project.

    A man is standing in a large warehouse with many engines and gearboxes around him.


    We support you in shipping car engines and gearboxes – the right solution for every packaging size.

    There are many small spare parts on a table

    Small parts

    To protect our environment: Sustainable shipping - we have the right shipping option.

    Take your chance and benefit from many advantages and become GLS business customer

    Regardless of whether you are a large shipper with several thousand parcels per year or a frequent shipper with 250 annual parcels or more - GLS has the right solution for every business customer! If your shipping volume is less than 250 parcels per year, you can use our private shipping solutions and frank your parcels directly online.

    In order to prepare an offer tailored to your needs, we need some information from you. Therefore, please fill out the following form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a GLS business customer soon!

    Flexible returns solutions
    Short standard delivery times: within 24 hours
    Satisfied consignees through a wide range of delivery options

    Find the right solution for your business with GLS

    Individual delivery for higher customer satisfaction

    In B2C shipping, we offer you a wide range of services geared to a wide variety of customer needs. If you need something particularly fast, you can make use of express services, various returns solutions or .
    Would you like to deliver a parcel and in return have another one taken along? Then our  service is the right choice for you.
    Our suitable services at a glance:

    Returns solutions
    Returns solutions

    Individual and appropriate for your business: assertive, restrictive, concealed or prominent - the choice is yours!

    We pick up the parcel from an address of your choice and deliver it directly to the desired consignee.

    Optimize your pickup and returns management.

    Borderless shipping
    Borderless shipping

    With us, you use the largest parcel network in Europe with 21 of our own national companies.

    Delivery to the customer on the same evening during a fixed period between 5.30 pm and 10 pm.


    Optimise your express shipping with numerous bookable services for precisely timed delivery.

    As a GLS business customer, you benefit from many advantages:

    Sustainable shipping

    National shipping: 24h standard delivery times

    Large network of ParcelShops - also international

    Individual pricing

    Customised returns solutions

    Own network with 21 own companies for fast delivery incl. shipment tracking - Europe-wide

    Modern IT solutions for efficient processes

    Full transparency and flexibility

    Responsible shipping and integration solutions for your sector

    Creating parcel labels, importing shipment data from your shop or ERP system, maintaining sender and recipient addresses, planning pick-ups, tracking shipment status, creating returns. Your requirements for fast and stable shipment processing are diverse and high. GLS has the right shipping solution for all requirements and parcel volumes - both online and offline.

    Find out more about our various IT solutions!

    Partnersysteme von GLS

    YourGLS Webportal

    Simply register online and get started the very next day. It doesn't get any easier than that. By the way: Ebay connection included!

    Frau versendet Paket und klebt Paketlabel

    Partner systems

    If you operate your business with shop and merchandise management systems or special shipping/software solutions, you have the option of using plug-ins and interfaces (APIs) for parcel shipping with GLS.

    Your current settings

    Simply change the appropriate basics and view the updated benefits & services:

    GLS Parcel Configurator

    Simply enter the basics and after 4 steps you will directly see your advantages & services for your business model:

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