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    Use the drop-off permission or redirect your parcel to a local GLS ParcelShop and help us to avoid additional trips by the delivery drivers.

    No time right now?

    Who hasn't experienced this - the courier rings the doorbell and you can't open the door?

    Without a drop-off permission, another delivery attempt must be made. Help us to avoid unnecessary trips by our couriers. Therefore, it's best to simply give us a drop-off permission in advance or redirect the parcel to a ParcelShop of your choice. 

    Not at home?

    Doing some last-minute shopping before the weekend and that's exactly when the parcel is supposed to be delivered?

    Simply track your parcel online and change the delivery option. For example, you can have the parcel dropped off at a location of your choice or have it delivered to a nearby ParcelShop. 

    By changing the delivery option, you reduce unnecessary delivery trips and help to avoid greenhouse gas emissions along the transport route.

    Do you prefer to send parcels without unnecessary CO2 emissions?Simply book the for free along with your parcels via GLS-ONE.

    The recipient of your parcel will be informed in advance about the delivery and can have the parcel dropped off at a location of his or her choice or have it delivered directly to a ParcelShop. This ensures that your parcel arrives safely with the first delivery attempt. Unnecessary delivery attempts are avoided, effortlessly saving CO2. 

    Parcel shipping without detours!

    Simply change the delivery option and have your parcels delivered without detours - your contribution to avoiding emissions.

    Issuing drop off permission

    Grant a drop-off permission now!

    Simply enter the parcel number of your parcel to track and trace and grant a drop-off permission. In this way, you can ensure that your parcels are successfully delivered on the first delivery attempt.

    ParcelShop delivery

    Let us deliver your parcel to a ParcelShop!

    Simply enter the parcel number for your parcel into the parcel tracking feature and select ParcelShop delivery as a new delivery option. Your parcel will then be successfully delivered at the first delivery attempt.


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